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Many people ask me if they and their spouses can use the same lawyer in a divorce, or if they need a divorce lawyer since their spouse has one that will draw up the papers.

Representation of two parties to a divorce is an ethical violation. But over and above that, to those people who are trying to cut costs by using the same lawyer or just one person getting a lawyer, I say this: If you are in a cave with somebody and they have a flashlight but you don't, you'll be okay IF you can trust them and IF they are going the same place as you.

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When you first call the Corley Law Firm, legal assistant Alan White takes your contact information and basic information about your case. You will be able to talk with him as long as you need, to give him the information that you think we should know. 

The Corley Law Firm in Kansas City - Family LawAlan will send an intake form to you, by mail or e-mail. He can talk you through the intake form, or review your responses when you complete the intake form, and send it back to us. This is how you let us know you are interested in talking with us about the possibility of representation.

Alan or I will then contact you to make an appointment. Our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays. Monday through Thursday, Alan is also here late, and can speak with you or meet with you later than 5:00 to accommodate your work schedule.

At the first appointment, I get the additional information that I need to determine if I can represent you, and if I am a good match for your legal needs. I do not charge for the initial consultation to determine if you want to hire us. This is your time to tell me about your case, and to ask any questions you have about me and the work that I've done. 

"Corinne Corley of the Corley Law firm is a VERY strong advocate for disabled persons because she struggles with neuromuscular disabilities herself and is extremely sensitive to the issues involved. She was also a single mother and understands the issues personally. She is extremely intelligent and has a command of the English language like the greatest classic writers. She is a former foster parent and a deep-down good-hearted person but she can be very very tough in the courtroom and she doesn't put up with BS or bullying from other attorneys.
-- Elisabeth S., Independence, MO"

If you want to hire me, and I decide that I can represent you, we then review the contract and discuss the cost of my services. Since I am a solo practitioner, I can and often do, vary my fees from case to case -- to take into consideration your needs, your resources, and the simplicity or complexity of your case.

If you decide that I'm the right lawyer for you, and I decide that I can provide the legal services you need, then you sign a contract and pay the initial fee and/or cost deposit, and you become a client of the Corley Law Firm.

We can't and don't guarantee results. But we can and do guarantee hard work and quality legal services for a reasonable price, for regular people, just like us.


The Corley Law Firm proudly represents clients throughout the greater Kansas City area. This includes Kansas City, Liberty, Platte City, and Harrisonville. County areas: Jackson County, Cass County, Platte County, and Clay County.
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