Choosing an Attorney

The choice of a lawyer is a tricky business, as personal as your choice of friends, furniture, or deodorant. They come in all shapes and sizes, and you not only have to find out whether your case is right for them, but also if they as an attorney and as a person are right for you.

Regarding how to choose an attorney, here is what I tell people, including family and friends.

  1. Ask for a free consultation. Anybody who (A) wants your business; and (B) is honest, will talk to you for a half hour or so without charge. I myself do this most of the time; exceptions are if I have already spent more than a half an hour on the telephone with the person doing the initial interview.




M. Corinne Corley, family law practitioner.M. CORINNE CORLEY is a family law practitioner with 27-years of experience as a Missouri attorney.

Born and raised in the St. Louis area, Ms. Corley attended college and graduate school at St. Louis University, and received her law degree, with distinction, from the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1983.

She began her legal career as an assistant Kansas City, Missouri prosecutor and an assistant Jackson County, Missouri prosecuting attorney, before moving to Arkansas.

While in Arkansas, Ms. Corley first had a solo practice in Jasper, then moved to Fayetteville where she spent four years representing farmers in lawsuits against private banks and the Farm Credit System, throughout the United States in both state and federal court.

She returned to Kansas City in 1992 to manage the primary re-election campaign of then-Congressman Alan D. Wheat, and in March of 1993, opened her own law practice.

Practice Areas

Ms. Corley emphasizes the representation of non-custodial parents in custody disputes, but her practice also includes representation of either party in dissolutions of marriage (divorce), actions to establish paternity and parenting rights of non-married parents, adoptions, and the protection of victims of domestic violence. She is admitted to practice in the state of Missouri, in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals as well as the Western District of Missouri and the United States Supreme Court.

Contact Ms. Corley and The Corley Law Firm today at 816-753-5556 or via email M. Corinne Corley

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The Corley Law Firm proudly represents clients throughout the greater Kansas City area. This includes Kansas City, Liberty, Platte City, and Harrisonville. County areas: Jackson County, Cass County, Platte County, and Clay County.
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