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To Have or Have Not:
Why Do I Need a Lawyer

Many people have e-mailed me asking if they need a lawyer to handle their divorce.

"We agree on everything," e-mails often say, "why do I need a lawyer?"
I have two thoughts on this: First, all
language used in legal documents has a certain meaning -- and that meaning might change, depending on how courts are interpreting statutes and other things, such as changes in the law.

It is very good if two divorcing people can reach an agreement as to TERMS, but each should have an attorney to draft or review documents so that they can be sure the documents are in proper form and actually say what the parties have agreed.

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Divorce, Adoptions, Custody Disputes, Paternity, Child & Adult Abuse Cases

Kansas City Family Attorney - The Corley Law FirmThe Corley Law Firm dedicates itself to representing real people.

What this means to you:

  • No worrying that your net worth isn't big enough to be accepted as a client.
  • No wondering if the lawyer who is handling your cases knows what you're experiencing.
  • No hassle when you need evening appointments.
  • No 'suit' staring blankly across the desk at you, totally clueless about your life.

We are real people; therefore, we understand real people.

Corinne Corley, the founder and attorney at the Corley Law Firm, knows what it's like to be a single parent, a married step-parent, and to go through divorce. She's been through illness, struggles and moves. She's also stood by hundreds of people while they did they same.

  • She's stood on acreage that she just saved from foreclosure.
  • She's hugged a woman whose son she got out of jail.
  • She's handed the first child support check in years to a client.
  • She's ushered a father into his first meeting with a daughter in years.
  • She's watched a family form where none previously existed.
  • She's watched people fall, and helped them stand.

We set our fees at a reasonable rate; we keep our office open after you get off work; we listen, and we strive to understand. We find out your goals, and help you find the best way to attain them. We help you look at your situation, and determine what can be done -- and what can't be done -- and what should be done.

We look at the law, and find a path through the jungle to the best possible outcome that we can attain for you.

The Corley Law Firm represents real people -- just like you. We can't guarantee success, but we can guarantee hard work, honest representation, and faithful dedication. Call today at 816-753-5556 or email us.

The Corley Law Firm proudly represents clients throughout the greater Kansas City area. This includes Kansas City, Liberty, Platte City, and Harrisonville. County areas: Jackson County, Cass County, Platte County, and Clay County.
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