Greetings, friends and fans:

As you probably have determined by now, the Corley Law Firm does not exist in the physical world in Kansas City, Missouri. But I am alive and well. I now live in the California Delta. I am not actively taking cases in Kansas City, but I am still available to consult or can refer you to a suitable attorney in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can e-mail me either at ccorleyjd@corleylawfirm.com, as you normally would; or directly to ccorleyjd@gmail.com. If you call the firm line, 816-753-5556, I will get a voice mail and return your call. Frankly, I respond more quickly to e-mail.

If you want to see videos about my life in a tiny house community in Isleton, California, check out the 70+ videos at: Corinne Corley.

If you want to read my personal blog, go to: MyYearWithoutComplaining.com. My occasional political blog can be found at: MyEyesAreWatchingYou.com. I also write the blog at: DeltaBay.org for the community in which I live.

I refer cases in Jackson County, Missouri; or Johnson County, Kansas, to Jeanne Foster. If you need a referral for Clay or Platte, call Jeanne to see if she's available, and if not, e-mail me. I do not ask for referral fees and I have nothing to do with anyone else's rates or fees. You have to negotiate a contract with whomever I suggest. I will just give a referral and candid assessment of my understanding and belief as to the lawyer's abilities. Jeanne Foster is good, and reasonably priced.

If you need advice about anything relating to Missouri law, I can and do consult on an hourly basis. I still set my fees on a sliding scale. Just e-mail me, and let me know what you are interested in doing. I will let you know if I can get involved.

Thank you to all my clients and colleagues for the kindness, courtesy, respect, and trust that you showed me over the 27 years in which I practiced as the Corley Law Firm. Special thanks to Alan White for standing by me for the entire time. Also, my thanks to Miranda Erichsen, Laura Scarborough, Cara MacLaughlin, Patrick Corley, Jessica Genzer, and all who worked for the firm during its life-time. I could not have done any of it without them.

Finally, my undying gratitude to the artists who showed at Suite 100 during the ten years of Art @ Suite 100. Special mention to Penny Thieme and Jim MacLaughlin for believing in the project, and to Miranda Erichsen for helping me get so many shows curated and launched. To those who volunteered, especially with the fundraisers for Rose Brooks Center and SAFEHOME, each of whom knows who they are, I express enormous gratitude. I make special mention of Jilli Nel, Lori Hooten Roller, and Karla Hull, who served on the committee for the fundraiser in its most recent years (2016 and 2017) and who made it happen. I also note that the 2019 Birthday Bash & Benefit for Rose Brooks Center is Thursday, 05 September 2019, at 6:00 p.m. at Prospero's in Westport. To the many patrons of Art @ Suite 100 and donors to our benefit, the world is a better place because of you.

Thank you, and please, everyone, be well.

As always,

          Corinne Corley

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